Candy Crush Saga Level 3498 Tips And Video

slot online bonus senza depositoCherry master machines and fruit bonus machines are a line of back room slot machines that are usually played in back room locations. Nevertheless, this example is valid enough to understand why it is often misleading to express the protection value of armour in terms of RHA steel. 3BM-15 is known to be capable of nominally penetrating 400mm of RHA at 0 degrees at 2 kilometers, but that performance was not demonstrated on the composite armour of the T-72A turret. One has to contend with the fact that there are are multitude of unique APDS and APFSDS penetrator designs, none of which will behave like the other. M735 APFSDS, for instance, has a tungsten alloy penetrator with a teardrop shape encased in a steel sheath which peels away upon impact.

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Keeping in mind that the 60mm steel front plate of the new design is 20mm thinner than the 80mm steel front plate of the old design, the main increase in effective armour thickness comes from the additional 10mm of thickness for the steel back plate, which is equivalent to 20-30mm of thickness. The increase in the equivalent armour value is therefore in the order of 53mm to 80mm. Since the original armour is equivalent to 335mm RHA against long rod APFSDS, the new 60-105-50 armour design would be equivalent to between 388mm and 415mm. The midpoint of these two possibilities is 401mm. In short, the mass efficiency coefficient of the new 60-105-50 armour must be above 1.0 and the calculated equivalent thickness in terms of solid homogeneous steel is around 400mm.

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So as an alternative form of entertainment, I and several other blogger types joined the regular Thursday night Pokerati game. I have played this twice before, losing both times. (See here and here for the sad stories.) Apparently, though I am demonstrably a slow learner, I am capable of some improvement-or at least occasional luckboxing to success-because I managed to pull out a $242 win last night. daftar judi online Most of the profit came from making two big calls against two inveterate bluffers, both of them in situations in which I probably would not have called players with more solid table images. One of them was with just top pair in hold’em. The other was ever scarier, with just top and bottom pair in PLO when there were three possible straights on the final board. Fortunately, I was correct both times.

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